#10hourgames – SkillCube – It’s done.

After something like 5 min before the full 10 hours it’s done. Skill cube is ready.

Before I explain what it is and how it works, test it yourself. (I think you will need the Unity3D Webplayer.) Link: http://skillcube.friiky.eu/ (Have fun with that.)

Tipp: Try to make long line segments to get more points.


If you don’t have the Webplayer installed, you should maybe come back later or tomorrow. I will upload the .apk for android, as soon as I made a little icon. =)

Here a little device art of the Android version.


In the next days I will activate the increasing difficulty, I had no time to do this in this 10 hour run and wanted to show you, what I got so far.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Marci who had the idea for the name and a thank you to brackeys (http://brackeys.com/), who came up with this whole cool #10hourgames idea.

See you hopefully later or tomorrow and thank you for following the development process. =)


Little Update. You can find a the android version here:

Store Link



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  1. The game is super fun and nicely executed. Well done!

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