#10hourgames – the damn hour number six

Jeah. I like names of variables… Oh yes. Really… trust me. (Do I sound crazy?)

What happend:

As you can see in my last post, I named every variable with a X, even if it represented an value from the y-axis. I didn’t notice that, until the level generator spawned things, which I did not want him to spawn. So I renamed nearly 20 references to this vars, forgot some here and there and… …everything was even more f#(/&ยง up. ;)

But good news: The first version is running now, as you can see here…

screenshot5Next, I will try to make it a little more random and later make it look even more random.

In the next hour I will also try to make it look more like my concept “art” from the second post, I think.

So, hopefully I won’t mess it up again. Will be back in an hour. See you then, if you like. =)



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