Things I learned so far, but never heard before. #1 The Sun

I decided to make a little post every time I figure something out or “learn” something which I never heard something about before.

Ok.. The first thing I discovered is the following: It happened a week ago or something like this, as is just finished my parallax scrolling background for my android game Fane Felon. I was happy, because it was nearly finished with this background but then, as the sun blinded me through my smartphone display, I discovered that it was unplayable in brighter light.

What happened?

This is the first version of the parallax scrolling background:


And this is one of the buildings:


As you now maybe can imagine, the contrast between this two pictures is to low. And if you want that your players are able to play your game independent from where they are (sunny seat on a window in a train or outside while walking like a zombie through the streets) then you should make sure, that the important elements, here the buildings, are good visible under every light condition. So I changed the parallax scrolling background to this one:paralax3v2

It’s brighter and therefore not looking like a silhouette of a city as much as the first version, but the player can see the buildings, he really has to see, much better now.


Test your finish, nice looking, design under every light conditions. If you are not developing a mobile game, this is not so important, I think. But if you developing for mobile devices, you maybe should think about that problem.

I hope this will help some of you making their game better. Have fun.

PS: If you want to try Fane Fellon in the sun now:



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