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#10hourgames – SkillCube – It’s done.

After something like 5 min before the full 10 hours it’s done. Skill cube is ready.

Before I explain what it is and how it works, test it yourself. (I think you will need the Unity3D Webplayer.) Link: (Have fun with that.)

Tipp: Try to make long line segments to get more points.


If you don’t have the Webplayer installed, you should maybe come back later or tomorrow. I will upload the .apk for android, as soon as I made a little icon. =)

Here a little device art of the Android version.


In the next days I will activate the increasing difficulty, I had no time to do this in this 10 hour run and wanted to show you, what I got so far.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Marci who had the idea for the name and a thank you to brackeys (, who came up with this whole cool #10hourgames idea.

See you hopefully later or tomorrow and thank you for following the development process. =)


Little Update. You can find a the android version here:

Store Link



#10hourgames – 8th hour or with other words 2 more hours to go

Ok, what happened?

  • Adjusted score counting – yep.
  • Inserted simple score label on GUI – check
  • parallax scrolling background – yes.
  • backward scrolling parallax background – hell yes!

What it actually looks like:


  • Sound & more GUI.


  • performance, performance, performance
  • even more GUI stuff.

More important: I need a name for the game. If you have a nice idea, feel free to tell me. =)

See you one hour later, if you like.



#10hourgames – just 7

And here I am with the actual state of the game:

Screenshot_2014-03-26-20-35-13I resolved some bugs and added the “shadows” from the concept. I also adjusted the size of the cube and noticed that the size of the cube is essential for the difficulty of the game – even more then the room between the green field in the top and at the bottom.

So I hope that I will finish the increasing difficulty and the basic GUI things in the next hour, because I would like to set up the sound in the 9th hour and definitely need the last hour to polish some things and work on the performance. =)

Have fun by what ever you actually doing. And see you in an hour, if you like. :)

PS: Still missing parallax scrolling background. o.O



#10hourgames – the damn hour number six

Jeah. I like names of variables… Oh yes. Really… trust me. (Do I sound crazy?)

What happend:

As you can see in my last post, I named every variable with a X, even if it represented an value from the y-axis. I didn’t notice that, until the level generator spawned things, which I did not want him to spawn. So I renamed nearly 20 references to this vars, forgot some here and there and… …everything was even more f#(/&§ up. ;)

But good news: The first version is running now, as you can see here…

screenshot5Next, I will try to make it a little more random and later make it look even more random.

In the next hour I will also try to make it look more like my concept “art” from the second post, I think.

So, hopefully I won’t mess it up again. Will be back in an hour. See you then, if you like. =)



#10hourgames – the fifth hour is complete.


I am on it again. After having an idea for the spawning script,  I thought about what must be given, to get a good level. I came up to this:
IMG_20140326_181154As you can see, there are different values which are important to get an possible level. Also, I will be able to adjust them to increase the difficulty while the player is getting further in the game.

I hope, that I come back with a (nearly) complete spawn script in an hour. See you then. =)



#10hourgames – pause after 4.5 hours

I will now pause working on the game, till I get an idea how to manage the level generation.

Here is an actual screenshot: screenshot4It’s kind of fun. But it is really difficulty because the input lag is to big. Maybe I should think about a new steering/control.



#10hourgames – 3 hours gone


And the 3rd hour is gone. This is how it looks like running:screenshot3In the next hour:

  • Thinking about level generation.
  • Implement score counting.

Actually I am really happy that I picked such an easy game for my first “#10hourgames”-game.. :D

See you at ~13:40. =)



#10hourgames – Short Second Hour

Okay?… Second hour:

  • Figured out, how to use a LineRenderer:
  • screenshot2Started to think about level generation and possible power-ups.
  • Started with level collision and game-over mechanics.

I am still not sure, if I want to stay with 2D or if I will switch to 3D in the next hours. ;)

See you in 60min.



#10hourgames – First hour gone.

What was that? An full hour? Ok.

Here is what I actually got:

-An concept “art” (haha) which I think I don’t like anymore. So I will definitely change that later.


-And a screenshot of unity. (Not very much to see.)



Because I am not really talented in drawing etc. I will concentrate on the game mechanics next.

Second hour… Let’s go. See u later.


Started #10hourgames game

It’s 9:32 and I will now start with my game which I will hopefully complete in 10 hours from now.

Here is my first sketch.

IMG_20140326_092714See you in an hour. ;)