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SkillCube for Android

SkillCubeSkillCube is now available in Google Play Store. If you tried it online, here ( ) and now want it on your Android device, you can get it here:

Store Link


Please don’t forget, it’s an #10hourgames game. (So I made it in 10 hours :O )

That’s it. Have fun and good luck.



My last viewed tutorials and other videos

I would love to share some video tutorials with you, which I watched in the last days and weeks.


At first I want to mention Most tutorials I watched, where made by Asbjorn Thirslund, who is the man behind Brackeys. I really love his tutorials, because they covered everything I needed to get started with Unity3D 4.3 and the 2D tools.

I am really recommending his 2D tutorial series. You can find it on his YouTube channel, here.

Mike Geig

Next, I like to recommend especially the “Lets Make a Game: Infinite Runner” from the official Unity3D homepage. It’s made by Mike Geig and in my opinion not only showing how to make an infinite runner, but also showing you how to connect things in unity. How you can trigger things etc. After this video, I found some more of his videos. And they were all great. So, you should also search for Mike Geig on YouTube.

The Video with Daniel Cook

Last but not least, I like to mention this YouTube video, where Daniel Cook talks about Game Design Theory. I really like to think in loops, arcs and so on now. If not now, you will know what I am talking about after you watched the video.

That’s it for now I think. There is just one other thing I would like you to have a look at. On Brackeys there is a project called 10hourgames. It has just started and it could be of interest for you, if you finished your tutorials (or not) and now want to start something, but you have no clue what exactly.

I hope that this little collection may help you. Have fun with it. =)