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SkillCube for Android

SkillCubeSkillCube is now available in Google Play Store. If you tried it online, here ( ) and now want it on your Android device, you can get it here:

Store Link


Please don’t forget, it’s an #10hourgames game. (So I made it in 10 hours :O )

That’s it. Have fun and good luck.



Little Big update for Fane Felon

I just uploaded a new update for Fane Felon.Fane Felon

This update improves the jump mechanics, so that they feel better now. The feeling, that you only could jump once, even if you have a double jump in this game, should be gone with this update.

Please don’t forget, that a double jump do not mean, that you can jump twice in every situation. You can jump once from the ground (the buildings) and jump once in the air. So if you jump to late and your feet are not in touch with the building anymore, you can only do the airjump, which mean you can only jump once in this situation.

To get the improvement, make sure you are having at least version 1.0.8 on your android device. Here is the link which leads you to the Google Play Store:

I hope you’ll enjoy the update. =)


Fane Felon Released


It’s time. After some long (really long) nights of scripting, programming, reading, problem solving, pixel clicking, testing and so on, it is finally time to release my actual project – Fane Felon.

To read what it is and were you can download it for free click the link at the end of this post.

But first, a big THANK YOU to all prealpha-alpha-beta-testers:

  • Chris
  • Ema
  • Felix
  • Ferdinand
  • Fred
  • Katja
  • Matej
  • Matthias
  • Patrick
  • Raphael
  • Thomas

Information Link:

Google Play Direct Link: 


Fartiano – out now!

Fartiano - out now!My first fun app/virtual toy is now in Google’s Play Store. Click here for more…