Fane Felon

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Fane Felon IconAfter Fane Felon escaped to the prison roof, he needs your help to jump from roof to roof to get away.

Jump on as many roofs as you can.

The level is endless and procedurally generated with increasing difficulty. If you think a jump is impossible, you’re wrong. Every jump is carefully calculated by the generator, ensuring you can reach the next building – if you are good enough.

While jumping, unlock up to 15 achievements and climb to the top of the online leaderboards to compare your score with your friends’.

If you and your friends need a really hard challenge, try the Hard-Mode and start with the maximum difficulty.

How many roofs can you reach? – Try it.

Fane Felon Frame

-(really, really) Hard-Mode
-Intelligent Level-Generator
-15 Google Play Games Achievements
-Google Play Leaderboards
-Old-School PIXEL-Graphics


It’s free. Here: Store Link



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